Point of Sales (POS) Software
The demands of your business are unique, including your needs for payment-processing equipment. That’s why your best choice for point-of-sale (POS) terminals and peripherals is always DropleSoftech POS services.

DropleSoftech POS services provides a full range of POS terminals, peripherals and supplies designed to save both time and money while supporting Data Security standards.

To manage the huge range of Point of Sales (POS) devices, payments providers and retailers are having to upgrade their POS networks with the latest technology to support all POS terminals, including virtual, stand alone, mobile and fixed.  At the same time, payments providers have to pro-actively manage their POS networks remotely, without the physical presence of an engineer. All of this is essential if payments providers wish to offer value-added services such as DCC, instalments, cashback, mobile top-up and bill payments.

Any POS system will also have to drive the devices, switch authorisation, capture transaction data, and manage clearing and settlement in a cost effective, dynamic and efficient manner. Lastly, the POS system has to support future technologies and have open APIs for devices managed by third parties.

DropleSoftech can help payments providers, retailers and banks overcome these challenges, and rapidly roll out new services and simply global device deployment, while keeping maintenance and administration costs to a minimum. 

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