Welcome to installation wizard! This script applies for Ubuntu/Debian operating systems. In order to fully install this product on your server, you need:
- some basic knowledge of Linux administration;
- root access;
- SSL certificate and key;
- MySQL database;
When you click on Setup button, the config file will be generated and you will get instructions on how to finalize your installation.

Absolute paths where your certificate and key are.
Contact your host support if you do not know these locations.
You need to provide here your database information, where you need your instance to be installed.

API secret key. You can generate random string from here

Steps to get the key: 1. Go to https://platform.openai.com/; 2. Create your account; 3. Generate your APIKey;

Steps to get the key: 1. Go to https://heygen.com/; 2. Create your account; 3. Go to API;